why have a practice website? 
Although in Primary Care you are not selling a service in the traditional sense, a practice website will improve the level of communication between you and your patients - improving satisfaction, and saving your staff's time. 
For example, the next time a 
medical alert is issued in the media, your staff can use a simple form to update your website's news explaining in one go, what would normally have to be explained multiple times to different patients via the telephone.

  • Patients can order repeat prescriptions online through a simple form, saving time for your staff.
  • Patients can learn about medical alerts issued by the media online through easily-updated news section, and live bbc health feeds, rather than coming into the surgery or phoning, which uses up a lot of staff time.
  • Patients can cancel appointments, and notify you of address changesonline, without coming into the surgery, the prospect of which stops many patients from doing so.
  • Control your site's content through a simple, secure administration area